Configuring Custom Visitor Types

Custom Visitor types can be created and configured to follow a unique sign-in flow.  Visitors can select the applicable visitor type during sign-in ensuring any specific requirements are met based on the visitor type.


Configuring Custom Visitor Types

  1. To begin start by selecting the Gear Icon
  2. Select
  3. Select Site
  4. Select Personalization Tab
  5. Once arrived on the Personalization tab, under the   section, select  
  6. A list of existing visitor types will be displayed. To create a custom visitor type select  

  7. Enter details for New Visitor Type
    • Enter Title
    • Enter Screen Label
      • This text that will be displayed and selectable by visitors on Kiosk
    • Auto Assign to Host
      • Select toggle to turn this option on if visitors of this type will always be visiting the same host and should be auto assigned during sign in.
    • Hide on Device
      • Select toggle to turn this option on if this visitor type should not be displayed or selectable on kiosk device.  
        Note: Hidden visitor types cannot be manually selected during sign-in by regular visitors but can be assigned by authorized employees during pre-registration.
    • Badge Header Color
      • For visitor types that will receive a bade on login select desired color from dropdown menu

      8. To Save all Changes select

      9. Once all configurations have been completed select under the Personalization tab. 

That's it!  Your custom Visitor Type has been created and is ready to use. Need to update the configurations for an existing Visitor Type? See Editing Existing Visitor Types for a step-by-step walkthrough.  If you have any questions, please reach out to our team at, we're here to help!


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