Configuring General Settings

1.  Click on the setting icon from your home page on your VisitorsOS, then click Configuration, add the name of your configuration. 


2. On the General tab, enter the Site Name: this is used in notifications sent to hosts; e.g., “You have a visitor waiting for you at <Site Name>.” 

3. Select the Time Zone in which your device is located: using the same time zone as set on the device ensures an accurate time log.

4. Enter the site's Street Address: this is displayed in invitations sent to guests and is also used for other purposes. 

5. Select the System Assistant Contact who should receive notifications if a visitor is experiencing difficulties during sign-in. 

6. Enter the Catch-All Hosts: these hosts will receive notifications for all visitor sign-ins. 

 *Please note: System assistant and Catch-All Hosts contacts must be in the iLobby Address Book


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