Configuring Features

The procedures in this article are accessed by clicking and then Configuration, then clicking the name of your configuration. 


Use the Features tab to further customize the experience on the tablet. From this tab, you can access the following functions: 


- Visitors Pictures Sets the photo capture function on or off and mandatory or optional.

- Sign Out  Allows visitors to sign out on the device when they leave.

- Legal Documents Presents visitors with documents during sign-in. Documents can be assigned to specific flows and visitor types.

-Badge Printing  Controls the printing functions of the Kiosk. 

-Returning Visitor  Saves information about frequent visitors and allows them to sign in quickly.

-Watchlists Validate visitors based on configured criteria (e.g. first name and last name) during sign-in.

- Emergency Evac Notifies employees if there is an emergency evacuation.

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