Configuring Permissions for User Roles

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Permissions grant access to specific portal functions and are assigned to user roles.   


The role which provides users with the broadest permissions, including full access to account settings, billing information, visitors, devices, and users at all locations is the account administrator. Account administrator is a system role. Account administrators can create new roles and define which permissions are given to users with those roles. 

To find out more about roles in iLobby, please refer to the article Setting Up Roles 

If you’d like to have access to a certain feature in the portal, please contact your account administrator. If you don’t know who your account administrator is, contact We will be happy to forward your request to administrators we have on the list

You can find the list of permissions when you create a new role, or edit an existing one.  




Configuration Permissions

The Manage Address Book permission allows users to view and manage the company’s Address book. 


The Site Configuration permission allows you to edit your site configuration. If this permission is enabled for a role, users will be able to configure the kiosk appearance and its behavior. To find out more, please refer to the article Configuring Device Appearance and Behavior.


The Manage Events permission allows inviting to events, viewing events, and managing them.  


The Manage Legal Documents permission allows viewing, creating, and editing legal documents. 

The Manage Devices permission gives access to viewing and managing devices. 


The Manage Watch List permission allows users to view, create, and edit watch lists.

The Watch list feature is an advanced feature. If you’d like to have it enabled for your account, please contact your sales representative. 

Security Permissions

The Manage Users permission gives access to adding, removing users, and assigning roles to them. 


The Manage Employee Passes permission allows you to issue and edit employee passes. 

This is an advanced feature. Please contact your account representative if you would like to add it to your account. 


The Manage Roles permission allows users to create roles and add/remove permissions.

- If a user has a role with the permission "Manage roles", they won’t  be able to edit their own role. They will see the following message:


- Users with the "Manage roles" permission can edit roles which have the same or less permissions than their own role has.


The Evacuation permission allows starting emergency evacuation on site. 


The Edit / Delete Visitor permission allows editing visitor’s information and deleting visitor records on the Visitors tab.  


The Global Messaging permission gives the ability to send the messages in the iLobby account to all Address Book contacts.  


The Visitor Sign-In / Sign-Out permission allows users to sign in and sign out visitors on the Dashboard. 


Reporting Permissions 


The Visitor Reports permission gives access to the Visitors tab. 


The Visitor’s Approval permission allows you to approve/deny visitors/guests from Dashboard.

Visitor’s Approval is an advance feature and required your account representative’s approval for adding it to your account. 

The View Dashboard Graphs permission allows users viewing graphs on the dashboard. 


The Data Export permission allows exporting visitor records, downloading visitor legal documents under the Visitor tab, exporting host records in the address book, and exporting the list of events. 



The Manage Deliveries permission gives access to viewing, assigning, and  picking up parcels.

iLobby Delivers™ is an advanced feature. To have it enabled for your account, please contact your account representative in iLobby. 


The Access Workforce allows users transferring to the Workforce portal. 

Workforce is an advanced feature. Please contact your account representative if you are interested in it. 


Billing Permissions

The View Billing Dashboard permission gives access to viewing available plans. 


The View Invoices permission allows viewing invoices.  


The Access Store permission gives access to the iLobby store, where users can purchase consumables.  


The Manage Payment Methods permission allows users to add /edit payment methods on the billing dashboard.  


The Manage Billing Info permission allows adding/editing billing address and billing contacts.  


The Manage Subscription permission allows managing iLobby subscription.

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