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In case you have events that repeat on a regular basis, to avoid recreating the same events multiple times, you can make this event a recurring one. You can create a recurring event from scratch, or you can modify existing events. 

Note: Please refer to this article Configuring Events on how to create events. 

On the dashboard, click on the Events tab. Open the meeting that you’d like to edit, then check the box Recurring Event



The window with recurrence rules will pop up. 



You can adjust the following settings:


Recurrence pattern


Recurrence pattern can be set to: 




If set to daily, the appointment will occur every day at the same time.


If you want to set the number of days between each recurrence, you need to change the setting Every “X” days. By default it is set to 1.


For example, if you set it to 3, the event will repeat every 3 days.




Use it whenever you want the appointment to occur every week.


By default, Every “X” week (s) is set to 1. The event will repeat every week on the same day.


If you want to set the number of weeks between each recurrence, you can set it to  2, for example, and  the appointment will occur every other week.



When you want to set the days of the week of the recurrence, you need to check the appropriate days of the week here:



The initial event will occur as set, but when it will reoccur, it will reoccur according to this setting at the same time.  




Use this setting when you want the appointment to occur every month.


You may want to create an appointment that occurs on the same day of the month as set for the initial event based on the number of months between occurrences.


Use this setting Day “X” of every “X” month where:


Day “X” will be the start date of the initial event


Every “X” months is set to 1 by default 


For example, the initial event start date is August 12th and you would like this appointment to repeat on the same day of the month of every third month. Set it this way:



When you want to specify the day ordinal (first, second, third, fourth, etc.), for example, an event that occurs on every second Monday of every 3d month, you need to set The First/ Second / Third / Fourth / Last (Day of Week) of every “X” moth(s) property.


Where the day of the week is the start day set for the initial event.



Range of recurrence


When you want to specify the end date of the appointment's occurrences, then you need to set the range of recurrence. 



You can select between:


End after “X” occurrences, 


Set this property when you want to specify a limit of the occurrences for the appointment.


By default, it is set to end the meeting after 10 occurrences. It means the event will repeat 10 times including the initial event.


The system will count when the event ends and will display it on the Events page as an end date for this meeting.


End by “Set Date” 


Adjust this setting in case you’d like to specify the end date of the appointment's occurrences.

This will be displayed on the events page under the End date.



As soon as you are done setting up the recurring event, click on Save

A recurring event will have this icon next to its title under the Events tab.


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