Employee Passes

An employee pass is a time-limited QR code issued to an employee in order to speed up the sign-in process.   

Note: Employee passes are automatically provisioned when a contact is added to the address book.  The pass will remain inactive until the feature has been enabled in your account.  To have this function enabled for your environment, please contact sales@ilobby.com


1. Open the employee's profile (click their name in the Address Book). 


2. The employee pass will live in the Employee Pass tab.  

Note: Address book contacts can access their employee pass from within the iLobby Companion app.  You can also choose to email employees their passes by selecting the Resend button.  Passes are not automatically emailed.  In addition to the iLobby mobile app employees can also save their pass to their Apple or Android wallets.


Screenshot 2024-03-15 at 4.42.32 PM.png


3. If necessary, change the Issue and/or Expiration date of the pass. By default, passes never expire.



4. Click Save (under the employee's picture). You are prompted to choose whether to send the pass to the employee by email.  


5. If employee information changes, or if the employee did not receive the pass, you can resend it.   


6. Employees who have been issued a pass will have an Employee Pass icon on their record in the Address Book: 



Employees with a pass can, on arrival at the site, tap  Have a Code?, Pre-registered, or  and scan the pass using the device's front-facing camera. 

Note: The scan icon can be found in different parts of the iLobby app, depending on what theme is enabled.


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