Working with Advanced Pre-registration


With advanced pre-registration functionality, you can send invitations to guests which allows them to fill out important information and documents prior to arriving on site.

Note: To have this function enabled for your environment, please contact

Host’s perspective

Once you have created an event and invited visitors, you will see this icon next to their names. 

Note: Please refer to the Configuring Events article to find out how to create events and invite visitors.


It means that this guest didn’t go through the pre-registration process. 


While the pre-registration has not been completed yet by a visitor, you can do the following with this visitor by clicking on More:



1 Clicking on the Resend invitation option will send out the iLobby invitation to the visitor’s email address. 


2 Print Invitation Email will open the invitation in a new browser tab allowing you to print it out.



As soon as the visitor completed pre-registration online, this icon will be changed to



Two new functions can be performed for visitors who went through the pre-registration process, depending on your permissions if you click on More:



1 Click on Pre-registration details. The window will pop up showing data this visitor filled in into the data fields and the list of documents /videos signed and viewed during the pre-registration:



2 To download the legal documents signed by the visitor during pre-registration online, select Download Legal Documents.

Note: In order to have this option in the drop-down menu, your role needs to have the Data export permission enabled. Please contact the administrator of your account. 

Pre-registration process. Visitor’s perspective. 

Visitors who have been pre-registered will receive the invitation email from the iLobby system. 



This invitation contains all the necessary event details such as date, time, the address of the event, and an interactive Google map showing how to navigate to the meeting.  


Clicking on Please click here will redirect you to a separate portal where you will be able to view and sign documents prior to the arrival at the facility. 


In this portal, you will be asked to confirm your personal details such as first name, last name, company name, and phone number.



Note 1: You must enter your personal details exactly as they appear on your legal documents.  


Note 2: There might be data fields defined in the sign-in flow on the How may I help you? screen, those fields will also be displayed here. If you complete them, this will pre-fill the fields when you come to the site to register on the kiosk using the Pre-registered flow. 


Once this step has been completed. Please click on the green Next button, and you will be directed to view any necessary documents and videos.


If there are videos to watch, they will start playing automatically:




You may be asked to sign and accept the terms of the agreements as well. 






During the Coronavirus outbreak, you might be required to complete the COVID-19 questionnaire. You will be displayed with the list of Yes/No questions. Select the appropriate answers and accept the document. 



On the Summary screen, you will see the list of documents and videos accepted and signed.




Clicking on the green Finish button will complete the pre-registration process. 




Once the pre-registration is completed, you will receive a QR code. Upon arrival at the site, you can select either the Pre-Registered option or the Have a code? option allowing you to sign in by scanning the QR code from your cell phone or printed invitation using the device's front camera.

Note: To find out more about the Pre-registered flow, see the Pre-registered flow article.


In case you do not pass the Coronavirus screening questionnaire, you will see the following message.  




In the event if you see this screen, a QR code will not be issued to you to register at the kiosk. Please contact the person who invited you to the meeting for further instructions.

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