iLobby Touchless Sign-In: Pre-Registered Visitors  

When using the Touchless feature, visitors that complete the pre-registration process will see an additional section with a hyperlink that they can click on: "For sign-in without touching any equipment or surfaces use this link upon arrival.": 

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1. For Touchless sign-in, open this email in your smartphone browser and tap on Use this link. A page with a QR code and a green Start button will open in your mobile phone's browser.  




2 Tap on the green Start button when you are near the kiosk to engage the iPad’s front camera. 



3. Show the QR code from your phone to the iPad's front camera to continue. You might be prompted to take a picture. You will see a countdown before a photo is actually taken. 




4. After the picture is taken, you will see the final screen confirming that you are signed in. Your host will be notified of your arrival and will come to meet you shortly.  





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