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ILobby's DeliveryOS is designed to bring consistency to your organization’s parcel handling process. Record parcel pick ups using the iLobby Companion app to bring an elevated level of security to your receiving process. Elevate your pickup experience with us today!

Parcel Pick Up Process in Companion App

Note: Download the iLobby Companion APP (iLobby Visitor Registration ) on the Apple App Store or Google Play for free. 

  1. Launch companion app on mobile device. Once logged in open the main menu by selecting the  

  2. Select Parcel Pick Up 

  3. Enter the recipient’s name in the Search bar. 

  4. Select the recipient’s name
  5. A list of pending parcels awaiting pick up will populate 

  6. Select the to the left of the package the recipient is picking up. A check mark will be placed. 
    Note: Select the  to view the package details including any notes added. 

  7. Select  
  8. Draw Signature 

  9. Select

Once submitted, the record is instantly updated with all the pickup information, and your signature is securely attached to the record to be viewed in the DeliveryOS portal. 


Viewing Parcel Pick Up Status in DeliveryOS Portal

  1. Start by logging in to FacilityOS
  2. Select 
  3. Under DeliveryOS select  

  4. Select Deliveries
  5. Select Parcels 

  6. The Deliveries listing page will capture the following data:
  • Status: A or a tag will be displayed in this column noting if the recipient has picked up the package or if it is still awaiting pickup.
  • Recipient Name: Name of recipient
  • Date Received: Date the parcel was scanned using the iLobby Companion app
  • Picked Up By: This field is populated with the recipient's name entered during the pickup process in the iLobby Companion app.
  • Date Picked Up: This field is populated with the date when the pickup process was conducted with in the iLobby Companion app.
  • Carrier: Populated with information entered during parcel scanning in iLobby Companion app
  • Tracking #: Populated with tracking number entered during parcel scanning in iLobby Companion app
  • Notes: Populated with any custom notes entered during parcel scanning in iLobby Companion app 
  • Selecting the will populate additional menu items.  

  • Show Image: This will display the image taken when the package was scanned
  • Show Signature: This will display the signature provided when the package was picked up 
    Note: Packages Pending Pick Up will not display this menu option 


  • Delete: Option to delete record of package 

That’s it!  Questions? Our team is always here to help, reach out to us at Elevate your pickup experience with us today!

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