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The Outlook plugin makes creating, managing and analyzing events a lot easier. Hosts can now invite guests, select a location, choose a type of visitor and even make changes on the outlook invite and have it automatically update the iLobby events portal.  The plugin saves time making it easier for hosts to plan and manage events.   

This will replace an older process where hosts needed to include the alias 

in the invitees list. This plugin is especially useful for those customers that had multiple locations and had created dedicated aliases to help identify which location the event was being booked for. 

The plugin which needs to be installed in Outlook (Web/Mac/PC) and is currently accessible to everybody who has access to Events in VisitorOS. It will eventually be made available in the Microsoft app store simplifying the process.



The plugin needs to be installed and active on the sidebar of the Outlook invite to sync with iLobby events. On the Outlook invite, users can add a title, invite guests and select a time. On the plugin, hosts can select a visitor type and location. Changes to guests, time and location made on the invite will automatically update on iLobby if the plugin is active. Changes made on iLobby will also update the outlook invite but only if the user opens the plugin on the Outlook invite after they have made changes. 

Deleting meetings from Outlook will also delete them from iLobby, but only if the meeting/event occurs in the future and if the plugin is active.  If the meeting already took place, deleting the meeting from Outlook will not remove it from iLobby, to help preserve data integrity.

Download Instructions

The Outlook add-in can be enabled by following the instructions below:

1.      Navigate to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center

2.     Select "Settings". 


3.  Select “Integrated apps”. 


4.  Select "Get apps". 


5. Use the search bar to search "iLobby". 


6. Select "Get it now". 


7.  Select who you want to deploy the add-in to.

8.     Once validated, it could take some time to see it added in Outlook. If after 24 hours, you still do not see it please reach out to Microsoft.


Outlook Desktop Version greater than October 2022 is required for the iLobby Plugin to function. 



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