Issue 1: When trying to scan an Event QR Code, there is a “Network Error” message. 


 Resolution time:  
Maximum 5 minutes.
- For WiFi iPads, you know the Wi-Fi password for the network that the iPad is connected to.
- For Cellular iPads, You have the key to remove the iPad from the metal case.
- You have a pin to remove the SIM tray from the iPad. 
Important things to check for:
- Verify if the carrier has an outage in your area. 
- USA: 
- Canada:


Check iPad’s connectivity: 

For WiFi iPads: 

1. On the iPad, exit the iLobby app, press the Settings App . Under “General”, scroll down to “Reset” and press “Reset Network Settings” and “Reset” again.  

2. Once the iPad has booted up, open the Settings App again and navigate to “Wi-Fi”.   

3.  Reconnect to the internal Wi-Fi network with any credentials as needed.  

4. Restart the iLobby app and see how it works 

For Cellular iPads: 

1. Using the provided key, unlock the case and remove the iPad  

2. With a pin, remove the SIM tray from the iPad  

3. Re-insert the SIM tray.   

Inserting image... If you experience a lot of resistance, ensure that the SIM card is properly in place 


4. On the iPad, exit the iLobby app, press the Settings App Inserting image.... In the General tab, press ‘Shut Down’, and then slide to power off  

5. Turn on the iPad by pressing the Power Button (usually located on the top left back corner of the iPad).  Release the Power Button when you see the Apple logo appear 

6. Check the top right corner of the iPad screen for cellular connection bars (3 or more bars will indicate a good connection) 


Inserting image... Alternatively, you can open the Safari app and navigate to   

A speed of at least 2.0mbps is required for iLobby to work 

Issue 2: When trying to scan the Event QR Code, there is a “No Match Found. Please proceed with the standard sign-in” error message.

Inserting image... Resolution time varies.


Step 1: Check the Early sign-in Setting 

1. When creating the event, there is a setting called Allow early sign-in which sets the earliest time visitors can sign in to the event on the kiosk. By default, it is set to 30 minutes. If a guest comes earlier and tries to sign in, there will be an error message on the kiosk.  

Inserting image... 

Inserting image... After an event has been scheduled, it takes around 15-30 minutes for the iLobby system to 
recognize that the event has been created.


Step 2: Check the End Date and time of the event. 

1. The event might have ended by the time you are trying to register for the event. Please check the end date and time for the event. 

Issue 3: After creating an event, invitation emails are not being sent to recipients. 


Inserting image... Resolution time varies. 
The correct email address is set for the recipients  

Step 1: Ask recipients to check their Junk or Spam inboxes for the invitation email. 

Step 2: If the recipient’s email address is a Gmail email address, it might have ended in Promotions or some other Gmail folder. Gmail sometimes automatically identifies spam, or promotions messages and other suspicious emails and sends them to Spam, or promotions folder because they may be similar to messages that were identified as spam in the past by a recipient. To stop a message from being sent to Spam in the future, you can:   

1. Add the sender to your Contacts  

2. Filter  these messages   

There is a way to disable the Promotions folder:

1.     Click the Settings icon in the top right corner of the Gmail tab. 

2.     Select "Configure Inbox." 

3.     Deselect the "Promotions" tab and click Save. 

This way, the messages will get to the main inbox. 

Step 3: Reach out to and provide them with the example of the event, recipients’ email addresses, and the approximate time when you invited gusto to the event.   

Issue 4: Getting an error message “Event generation unsuccessful” when creating an event via Outlook, or Google


Inserting image... Resolution time: 
10 minutes maximum


Step 1: Make sure that the event organizer's email address exists in your company's iLobby address book. 

Step 2: Make sure that the event organizer's email address is not currently attached to multiple host records. 

Step 3. Please contact with the event organizer’s email address.

Issue 5: When creating an event via Outlook or Google, it gets attached to an incorrect site. 


Inserting image... Resolution time: 
5 minutes maximum


Step 1: Enter the name of the site into the location field of the invite form in Outlook exactly the same way as it is written in the iLobby portal without spaces.


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