Troubleshooting: iLobby Touchless 

Host names not found during Touchless sign-in

  1. Log in to FacilityOS 
  2. Select   
  3. Under Visitor OS select  

  4. Select  from the top menu bar. 

    Note: If the Address Book tab is not visible an account administrator may need to adjust your permissions to allow you access.  

  5. Use the Search function to search for the Host’s name


  6. Select the Host  

  7. Once selected the hosts contact card will be displayed. On the contact card the field will be populated with the sites this host can be visited at. Select this field to open a drop-down menu of available sites.  
  8. Select applicable sites from the list to assign to host.  
  9. Select the to left of assigned sites to remove it from the hosts assignment. 

  10. Select to save changes. 
  11. Once changes have been saved, during Touchless sign-in visitors can search for hosts via first name, last name, or by entering the host’s full name. 

After scanning QR code Lets Begin browser prompt not displayed 

During touchless sign in, after scanning QR code visitors should receive the below prompt in their browser on their mobile device. If this prompt is not received continue with the steps outlined below.



Part I: Check the device's connectivity

  1. On the kiosk device check the connectivity indicator in the bottom left corner of the iLobby application screen. 
    Note: If a green dot is present, this indicates the connection is successful. Proceed to Part II: Perform a reboot on the iPad 
    If a red or yellow dot is present this can indication a connectivity issue with the network. Follow steps outlined below to resolve connectivity issue.  
    On the iPad device complete a network reset.  
      • On the home screen select the to access the settings menu 
      • Select General 
      • Select Transfer or Reset iPad 

      • Select Reset 

      • Select Reset Network Settings 

      • Enter passcode if one has been assigned to device 

      • Select to confirm Reset 

    • This will prompt iPad to begin a reboot.

  2. Once iPad has completed reboot, reconnect iPad to the Wifi network it was previously connected to 
    • On the home screen select the to access the settings menu 
    • Under the Settings menu select (on the left side of the screen) to enter Wifi Settings. 
    • Ensure Wi-Fi is enabled by selecting the  

    • Select the name of the Wi-Fi network you wish to join.
    • Enter the password for the network, then tap Join.  

    • When the iPad has successfully joined the network, you will see a next to the network and a in the upper-right corner of the display. 

Part II: Perform a reboot on the iPad

  1. On the iPad, exit the iLobby application.  
  2. On the home screen select the to access the settings menu  
  3. Select General 
  4. Select Shut Down  

  5. Use the slider to power off  

  6. Press and hold the Power Button (usually located on the top of the iPad) to turn on the device. Release the Power Button when you see the Apple logo appear.  

After completing the above steps retry scanning the QR code. If the Lets Begin browser prompt still does not appear, please contact our team at, we’re here to help! 




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