Sign-out Reminders

Issue 1: Sign-out reminders are not being sent to Visitors and/or Hosts. 

Inserting image...  Resolution time:  Maximum 5 minutes.  
Assumptions: You have access to the iLobby portal.

Step 1: Ask the Visitor and/or Hosts to check their Junk and Spam email inboxes.  

Step 2: Log in with your credentials to the iLobby Portal through to check the settings 

1. From the top right corner of the screen, navigate to Settings Inserting image... -> Configuration -> Select your site  

2. Select the Notifications tab and hit Configure under Sign-Out Reminder  

3. In this interface, ensure that the settings are correct 

4. Click on Save once you are finished making any changes  

Step 3: Ensure that you do not have a conflicting Auto-SignOut rule that could be overwriting the reminders  

1. Next to the  Notifications tab, click Visitor Auto-Signout 

2. Make any necessary changes if visitors are being automatically signed out before the Signout Reminder function can trigger  

3. Click on Save once you are finished making any changes 

Inserting image...  If the above steps did not help to resolve the issue, send an email with examples of visitors' names, 
their time of sign-in, and host names to  
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