Managing Users in FacilityOS


Introducing iLobby's newest addition, FacilityOS a new hub for all iLobby modulesFacilityOS is your new centralized location to manage common elements such as Sites, Users and Roles for all modules in one key locationGet started managing users in FacilityOS! 

Adding a User 

  1. Select to open Settings menu 
  2. Select Users 

  3. Select New User 

  4. Enter user details Every user must be assigned a FacilityOS role and have a site assignment.  Site assignments are set in FacilityOS and are applicable across modules. 

  5. Users can now be created for all iLobby modules in one centralized location. Use the module toggles on the right side of the screen to toggle on the modules the user should have access to. 


  6. Applicable roles can be assigned when toggling on module or by selecting the Pencil to the right of the role if already assigned. 

  7. Click to finalize added user.

Editing Users in FacilityOS 

Existing users in VisitorOS will automatically be visible when signing in to FacilityOS for the first timeTo view a list of existing visitors: 

  1. Select to open Settings menu 
  2. Select Users this will direct you to your Users dashboard 

  3. The users dashboard reflects users for all iLobbyOS modulesA will appear under any module the user has access to 


  4. Select the user's nameThis will allow you to update the User Details, add the user to other modules using the or edit their current role by selecting the   

  5. Select to Save all changes. 

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