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iLobby's Mobile - Status Request feature ensures your team is able to communicate using a quick and efficient method when faced with an emergency evacuation. When enabled, Mobile - Status Request facilitates a two-way communication channel between the safety officer or admin and all employees and visitors, who are part of the evacuation procedure via SMS.  Everyone on-site will receive an SMS notification, notifying them that an evacuation has started and instructing them to proceed to the designated mustering point. Employees and signed-in visitors are then empowered to provide status updates directly to the safety officer.


Note: Mobile - Status Request is an additional add-on for the EmergencyOS Corporate subscription, If you are interested in adding this feature, please reach out to your iLobby Account Executive or to add this feature to your package.


Get Started with Mobile - Status Request

Mobile - Status Request can be enabled under the Emergency Profile Details in EmergencyOS for the profile assigned to the site. This will be enabled by the iLobby team if you have purchased two way communications as part of your package. 

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Once enabled and an evacuation has been initiated employees and signed-in visitors will receive an SMS message including 4 options to be used to provide a status update.

  1. Evacuating: Select this option to indicate that you are in the process of evacuating the premises.
  2. Assistance Required: Choose this option if any form of assistance is required to evacuate safely.
  3. At Mustering Point: Use this option to notify the safety officer that you have reached the designated mustering point.
  4. Out of Office: Select this option if you are not currently on-site and unable to participate in the evacuation.

As soon as employees or visitors send their status update, the safety officer receives real-time updates, allowing them to monitor the situation effectively.




At iLobby, we prioritize your safety and strive to provide efficient communication tools during critical moments. Our Mobile - Status Request feature ensures that everyone remains connected and accounted for during emergencies. If you have any questions, please reach out to our team at, we're here to help! 

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