Returning Visitor Flow

This flow allows repeat visitors to sign in more quickly. Visitor information (including details, photo, legal documents and selected host) is filled in with information collected from their previous visit, so they do not need to re-enter it. As with the standard visitor flow, visitors can modify any of the information on the final confirmation screen.


Returning visitors are prompted to enter their full name.

Note that if only a single name is entered, the system assumes it is the visitor's last name: this flow works best if visitors enter their first and last name as they did originally.

If a returning visitor was issued a badge that contains a QR code during their first visit and it is still valid, they can tap on the QR code icon  next to the Please enter your full name field and scan the code on the badge. 

The system then checks for a match to the user's entry in the Visitor tab. The following logic is applied:

  • If a single exact match is found, the record is displayed for selection.

  • If one or more partial matches are found, the visitor is prompted for additional details, such as company name, in order to fully identify them

  • if more than one exact match is found, the latest record is displayed

If no match is found, the visitor is prompted to try again or to click Sign in Manually and use the new sign-in flow. 


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