New Visitor Flow

1. The visitor taps  Touch to start or anywhere else on the Welcome screen, then taps  New Sign In. 



2. The visitor sees the How may I help you screen, which they use to select their visitor type. 




3. Depending on the configuration, the visitor may be prompted to optionally scan their government-issued ID (driver’s license or passport) barcode using the rear camera of the device. Visitors can select I don't have an ID. 



4. They see a screen prompting them for personal information. By default, this screen asks for their full name and company: contact to arrange for custom fields for different visitor types.  




5. This information is attached to the visitor's record and can be viewed on the portal's Visitor tab once the visitor has signed in. 


6. They are prompted to take a picture of themselves using the device's front-facing camera. Visitors see a five-second countdown before a photo is actually taken. Each visitor’s picture is included in the host notification, which helps hosts identify guests. 




Please refer to the Setting up Visitor's Picture article to set up this functionality. 


7. They are prompted to select who they are visiting (the host) by entering at least three letters of the host's first or last name. The Address Book is searched for matching entries: the user selects the appropriate host. 




To add hosts to the iLobby Address Book for them to become searchable on this screen, refer to the Configuring the Address Book article.


8. If no match is found in the Address Book, visitors can select Press Here for Assistance. This notifies the system assistant contact that there is a visitor waiting, and that a host is missing from the Address Book. 


9. They are presented with legal documents that they electronically sign, and/or with safety or other videos they must watch. Note that, depending on configuration, legal documents may instead be presented after the visitor selects a visitor type, or not at all. 




10. The visitor is presented with the data they have entered so they can confirm it (by tapping on Looks good, sign me in), at which point a visitor's badge may be printed. The collected data is transmitted to the iLobby API server, which processes the request and creates a visitor entry in the Dashboard and Visitors tabs of the configuration user interface. The host receives a emailed notification that a visitor is waiting for them in the lobby. 


11. Alternatively, the visitor can correct any or all of the information they see.  


  • Tapping on No, I am looking for someone else redirects the visitor to the host selection screen so they can re-select the host. 
  • Tapping on retake retakes the visitor’s photo. 
  • Tapping on visitor type lets the visitor select a different visitor type. 
  • Tapping on visitor name prompts the visitor to re-enter their name. 
  • Tapping on visitor company prompts the visitor to re-enter their company name. 

Note: This process creates an entry in the backend's Visitor tab.

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