Configuring the Returning Visitor Feature

This feature saves information about frequent visitors and allows them to quickly sign in.

The procedures in this article are accessed by clicking and then Configuration, then clicking the name of your configuration.


To configure the Returning visitor functionality:


1. On the Features tab, under Returning Visitors, click Configure 



2. To require that badges be reissued for returning visitors after a specific period of time, set the Badge expiration period, For example, setting this value to 8 hours will prevent the badge from being reprinted until 8 hours after the last printing. If badges should be reissued for returning visitors even if they received one at their previous sign-in, set the expiration period to 0 hours: this ensures that a badge will always be printed for returning visitors.


3. Set the Personal info expiration period, that is, the time after which the personal details of visitors will be deleted from the system. Visitors returning after the expiration time will have to sign in and re-enter their information.


4. Set the Picture expiration period, that is, the time after which returning visitors will have to retake their picture.


5. Check Remember the last visited host to auto-assign a visitor to the same host when they return to the site and sign in using the Returning Visitor flow. To give recurring visitors the option to select a host when they sign in, disable this option.


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