Pre-Registered Visitor Flow

This flow is useful when visitors are expected on a specific day and at a specific time. 


Hosts can invite visitors in advance: invited visitors receive an invitation email containing a map to the meeting location, its address and a unique QR code. 


When invited guests arrive, they tap Pre-Registered. This launches the device's front-facing camera which scans the QR code from the guest’s phone or printed invitation. The QR code can be used at any time on the day of the event but expires on the event's end time/date.


If a guest does not have the QR code with them, they can tap I don’t have a QR code

They are prompted for their full name, as it appears on the invitation. 

If a match is not found, the visitor needs to enter their name: if that is also not found, they need to sign in as a new visitor. 

The QR code is valid on the day of the event at any time before the event's start time and expires when the event end date/time is reached.


The host's name, visitor’s name and event information is pre-filled on the app. On the confirmation screen, visitors can correct or expand on any of the information recorded for them, including photos and legal documents. They may also be prompted to view and complete legal documents if they have not done so before. If they completed the legal documents online, they are prompted to sign to acknowledge they have done so.

Pre-registered visitors are shown on the Expected today page of the dashboard; once they have successfully signed in they show on the Signed-in visitors page.



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