October 2023

Bosnian Language now available at Kiosk


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Product Tier: VisitorOS Corporate, VisitorOS Enhanced and VisitorOS Enterprise


Visitors can now select Bosnian as a language option in both the iLobby Kiosk and can also be used in the Pre-registration workflow. 

Comprehensive Language Translation Update


Product Tier: VisitorOS Corporate, VisitorOS Enhanced and VisitorOS Enterprise


The Pre-registration workflow now supports additional languages, including Hindi, Polish, Thai, Hungarian, and Portuguese, expanding language accessibility beyond the kiosk functionality.


New and Improved Navigation 


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Product Tier: EmergencyOS Basic, EmergencyOS Corporate

Explore a more user-friendly navigation system with our recent update. We've made changes to enhance your interaction with the platform. Notable updates include:

  • Mustering History Renamed: Now simply labeled as "History"
  • Settings Relocation: The Settings section, encompassing Sites and Users, has moved to the lower left corner.
  • Emergency Profiles Moved: Previously under Settings, Emergency Profiles can now be found in the new Manage menu.
  • List Relocations: The SignedIn List and Employees List, formerly under Visitors & Employees, are now part of the new Manage menu.
  • Evacuation Button Adjustments: The Start Evacuation button has shifted to the top right corner, and a new Active Evacuation button has been added in the same location.


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