Template Email for Introduction to iLobby


Are you new to iLobby and want to introduce our services to your team? If so, we have created an email template that you can send to your employees, introducing the kiosk and what iLobby will offer for your site.



Everyone who would like to introduce iLobby to their employees.


Email Template: 


Hello everyone, 


As some of you may have noticed, we have recently set up a kiosk in the [ input the location of your kiosk – Ex. Main lobby, Reception area, Side entrance, etc.]. For those of you that are curious, this is our new visitor management system, pre-configured and operated by iLobby Visitor Management


iLobby’s software will streamline our sign-in / sign-out process for individuals that visit our site. It will also ensure a secure working environment as we will be able to keep track of all past and current visitors.   


The flow for this new visitor management system will be as followed:

  • Upon entry, visitors will be required to sign-in through the kiosk and fill out appropriate information about themselves (Full Name, Phone Number, etc.)
  • During the sign-in process, they will need to select who they are here to visit (We have added employees who can be selected by visitors during this time to the iLobby address book)
  • The employees that we have pre-selected to be in the address book will be notified by text / email when an individual has signed-in under their name.
  • At the end of their visit, the visitor will sign-out on the kiosk.


Using iLobby’s software, we will have visibility into all upcoming, current, and past visitor events. We will also be able to see key information from each visit, such as: the length of the visit, the name of the visitor, etc. 


Please Note: If you have been added as a host in iLobby, please read through this brief article that discusses your functionality within the portal: Host Guide to VisitorOS

Hosts have access to the backend iLobby portal and will be able to generate reports of their own visitors, create events and more. 


I hope you are all excited for this positive change in streamlining our visitor management system! Please let me know if you have any further questions. 


Kind Regards,

[Your Name] 


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