How To: Manage the Configuration of a Site


This guide will walk through how to manage and make changes to a particular site’s current configuration in the iLobby Portal. 


Account Administrators and Site Administrators 


I. Overview

To make edits or changes to your site’s current configuration, you will need to:

  • Login to the iLobby portal  
  • Select Settings -> Configuration  

  • Select the Site you would like to make changes to (Account Admins will be able to access all sites under the account, whereas Site Admins will only be able to access the site(s) they have been assigned to) 


II. Tabs to Manage Under the Site Configuration

A) General Tab

In the General tab, you can manage:

  • Site Name 
  • Street Address
  • Time Zone, etc. 


B) Logo Tab

In the Logo tab, you can manage your site logo. To do that:

  • Select Select file
  • Choose the logo you would like to upload
  • Select Save 



C) Features Tab

In the Features tab, you can manage:  

  • Visitor’s Picture: If you require visitors to capture a photo of themselves upon arrival
  • Sign-Out: If you require visitors to sign-out using the kiosk
  • Legal Documents: If you have uploaded any legal documents to the portal, you can toggle this option on and select the document you would like to be presented upon arrival
  • Returning Visitors: If you would like returning visitors information to pre-populate when they sign-in at the kiosk
  • Badge Printing: This option is turned on for you so you can print badges for visitors who enter your site. To make changes to the badge printing style: 
    1. Select Configure 
    2. Under Template, click change -> Choose the design you would like for your badges



D) Personalization Tab

In the Personalization tab, you can manage:

1. Languages offered at sign-in. To do so:

  • Select Configure
  • Select the languages applicable at your site

2. Visitor Types. To do so:

  • Select Configure
  • You can either click the dropdown and choose a pre-existing option OR create a new visitor type by clicking on Create New Visitor Type and filling in the appropriate fields 

3. Data Fields. To do so:

  • Select Configure
  • You can either select the dropdown and choose a pre-existing data field OR create a new one by selecting 'Create New Data Field' and filling out the appropriate information 




E) Notifications Tab

In the Notifications tabs, you can manage:

  • Sign-Out Notifications: To receive sign-out notifications of visitors via email
  • Offline Device Notifications: To receive notifications when your devices are offline (not connected to Wi-Fi)
  • Sign-Out Reminder: Visitors are sent a notification reminding them to sign-out when they leave your site 
  • End-of-Day Summary: To be notified of a summary of your visitors for that day
  • End-of-Week Summary: To be notified of a summary of your visitors for that week
  • End-of-Month Summary: To be notified of a summary of your visitors for that month
  • Signed-in Visitors Report: To receive a report of all visitors sign-in to your site



F) Visitor Auto-Sign-out Tab

In the Visitor Auto-Sign-out tab, you can manage when your visitors are auto-signed out for the day. To do so:

  • Select Configure
  • Choose the visitor type you would like it to apply to and the time you wish for them to be auto-signed out


G) Backgrounds Tab

In the backgrounds tab, you can manage the background screen on your kiosk. To do so:

  • Select Select File
  • Choose file you would like to upload 
  • Select Save






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