How To: Add a Document to the Portal


To guide users on how to upload documents to the iLobby portal. Users can upload a variety of documents they would like visitors to acknowledge during the sign-in flow. Some of these documents may include: safety videos, visitor guidelines, contractor agreements, etc. This can be used as a beneficial tool to ensure that visitors comply to the regulations at a particular site. 



This guide is intended for Account and Site Administrators 


Uploading Documents to the Portal

To upload documents into the iLobby portal, please:


1.  Login to iLobby

2. Click , then Documents

Screenshot 2024-05-29 114608.jpg


3.  Select New Document


Screenshot 2024-05-29 142846.jpg


4. If you are uploading a document, select New PDF Document -> If you are adding a video, select New Video


Screenshot 2024-05-29 105045.jpg


5. Fill out the following information:

  • The title of the document / video
  • The type of visitor the document / video will apply to
  • Languages the document / video should apply to
  • If a signature is required [option only for documents, not videos]
  • If visitors are able to opt-out of signing this document / video
  • If you would like the document to be discarded after their visit [option only for documents, not videos]
  • If you would like the document / video to display at pre-registration [ If advanced Pre-Registration is part of your package]
  • If you would like the document / video  to display every visit, or if the document will expire after a certain amount of time and the visitor will need to re-acknowledge it 
  • Which site(s) the document / video will apply to


Screenshot 2024-05-29 105218.png


6. Select Save 

7. Once saved, select Browse -> Choose correct file -> Select Save 


Screenshot 2024-05-29 105353.jpg






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