Roll Call QR Code Scanning


This guide will demonstrate how the roll call QR code scanning function will help to automate the mustering process during a roll call evacuation.



This guide is intended for Safety Officers, Site administrators and Account Administrators.


Roll Call QR Code Scanning

To help improve the accuracy and speed of the mustering process, Safety Officers can now use the mobile app to scan QR codes on Employee Passes.

When an evacuation is started, a Scan QR Code button will be available in the app and safety officers will be able to update the mustering status of evacuees by scanning their QR codes.

Note: QR code scanning is also supported in offline mode. Safety Officers will be able to perform roll calls without having to worry about their devices remaining online. If a QR code is scanned in offline mode, the sync will happen once the device goes back online.


To Access Roll Call QR Code Scanning:

  1. In your mobile app, select the blue button in the middle (^) -> Start Evacuation                                            Screenshot 2024-06-14 145152.jpg
  2. Select the QR code icon in the top left-hand side of your screen                                                                    Screenshot 2024-06-14 145028.png
  3. Scan Employee Passes as they reach their mustering destination




Unrecognized QR Code Reporting

When an unrecognized QR code is scanned during an evacuation, the Audit Log Report in the iLobby portal will contain a Log Tab providing the details of that QR code. The log contains necessary information for the post event analysis, including:

  • The value of the QR code
  • The Safety Officer that scanned the QR code
  • The mustering point the QR code was scanned at
  • The time of the scan

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