How To: Create a Quiz in VisitorOS


The purpose of this guide is to demonstrate how admins can create quizzes for visitors to fill out upon sign-in.


This guide is intended for Account Administrators and Site Administrators

Note: Site admins can only create quizzes for the site they are assigned to.



Creating a quiz is a beneficial tool to ensure visitors can comply to all protocols at a specific site. For example, after reviewing a health and safety document, visitors could be prompted to fill out a quiz to test their knowledge about the material they read.


How to Create a Quiz in VisitorOS

To create a quiz:

  1. In VisitorOS, select Settings                                                                                                                     Screenshot 2024-06-14 143941.jpg
  2. Select Documents                                                                                                                                   Screenshot 2024-06-14 150829.jpg        
  3. Select New Document                                                                                                                           Screenshot 2024-06-14 144035.png
  4. Select Sectional Document                                                                                                                          Screenshot 2024-06-14 144104.jpg
  5. Input information about the quiz -> Quiz title, who the quiz is applicable to, etc.                                   Screenshot 2024-06-14 144237.png
  6. To create the quiz, select Add Question                                                                                                 Screenshot 2024-06-14 144251.png
  7. Input your question -> Question Title, whether the question is single choice or multiple choice, what the answers are and if the correct answer is required                                                                                                           Screenshot 2024-06-14 144431.png
  8. Select apply                                                                                                                                              Screenshot 2024-06-14 144719.png
  9. Repeat if needed. Once finished, select save                                                                                                   Screenshot 2024-06-14 144734.png



NEW: Graded Quizzes


A new quiz type is now available in the quiz documents to address the need for compliance with operating procedures. Graded quizzes ensure visitors and contractors achieve a minimum score on training materials prior to signing in.

The grade for the quiz will then be displayed in the visitor and pre-registration details, allowing hosts and receptionists to easily see the score the visitor received and take action if needed.

Graded quizzes are supported on the kiosk, web sign-in, and pre-registration.



How to Create a Graded Quiz in VisitorOS:

To create a graded quiz: 

  • Follow the exact steps as listed above
  • Once you open a new sectional document, you will now be able to see two quiz options:
  1. Regular Quiz (not graded)
  2. Graded Quiz

Screenshot 2024-06-14 152826.png



  • For graded quizzes you will need to specify which answer(s) is correct before saving your questions. 
  • If a quiz is changed from "Regular Quiz" to "Graded Quiz", the user must edit all questions to include correct answers before saving the document.

Screenshot 2024-06-14 at 4.45.47 PM.png

Grading Mechanism

  • Visitors completing the quiz will be assigned a grade (number of correct answers divided by total questions)
  • For single-select questions, the correct answer must be provided to mark the question as correct
  • For multi-select questions, all correct answers must be provided to mark the question as correct. Partial correctness is scored as incorrect.



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