iLobby Hardware Configuration


This article will walk you through setting up your iPad, stand and printer if you procured your own hardware.


iPad Configuration

  1. Proceed to take the iPad out of the box and plug in the charging adapter so the device can power on
  2. Set the Language to English and the Country to US
  3. Connect the Device to your Network
  4. Click next on Remote Management and enable Location Services
  5. Once on the home screen, proceed to click on Settings and configure the following:

Display & Brightness

  • Disable true tone
  • Set the brightness to 80%
  • Set Auto-Lock to Never


  •  Display & Brightness and disable Auto-Brightness


  • Keyboard, disable Shortcuts and Split Keyboard (12.9-inch iPads will not have Split keyboard, only shortcuts will be disabled

Additional Steps

  • Set the device to Landscape orientation
  • Update the device if software update is available
  • For cellular devices, ensure the sim is placed correctly and proceed with the stand setup.

The iPad is now fully configured.



Stand Setup

  1. Unbox the stand and unlock the case by placing the set key in the lock to remove the lid
  2. Place the iPad in and align it with the inside of the stand
  3. Feed the charging cable through the base of the stand.
  4. Place the lid on the case and lock it.
  5. Put the key somewhere safe, you won't be able to unlock the iPad without it.



iLobby App

Download the iLobby app from the App Store. You can find our How-To Guide here.

Press on the iLobby App and then input the activation code provided, then allow the camera prompt to be used.


The iPad and stand are now fully configured and ready to use.



Printer Configuration

  1. Proceed to unbox the printer and plug the adapter into an outlet.
  2. Place the badge roll into the printer and feed the paper out.
  3. Power on the printer and set the Language and Time.
  4. Click the menu button and configure the following using the arrows buttons:

Template Settings

  • Turn off


  • Enable Bluetooth
  • Enable Automatic Reconnection
  • Click on Bluetooth status to find the Printer’s name

5. On the iPad: Head over to the Bluetooth Settings on the iPad and look for the Device name to appear and pair the two.

The iPad and the Printer will be paired and are now ready to go!


You have now successfully set up your iLobby hardware! If you have any questions, please reach out to

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